Our work in Uganda

Angel’s Centre for Children with Special needs (ACCSN) is partner of CPA in Uganda. 

If you want to know more about the Angel’s Centre read  the Annual Report ACCSN 2020 


In 2020, Cerebral Palsy Africa partnered with Angel’s Centre for Children with Special needs (ACCSN) to provide home based care for children with special needs in response to the effects brought about by the COVID-19 novel virus.

Read here the report COVID-19 RESPONSE FOR CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS REPORT AUGUST 2020 showing what was done, what was achieved, successes, challenges and possible solutions. 

One of the children supported by our partner, Angels Centre in Uganda is Jordan. Jordan is a 6-year-old boy from Uganda. Although he was diagnosed with Athetoid Cerebral Palsy, he still has a fair control of his head and neck. Jordan does not speak but is able to understand when people talk to him, as well as respond with facial expressions. For example, he smiles in return, or makes a sad face when uninterested in an activity that is being offered to him.

His mother is a strong-willed woman, who has been trained through a CBR programme and has learned how to provide basic therapy to her child. Thanks to this, Jordan is now able to creep on the floor, reach out for objects when playing, and sit with support. Finally, he demonstrates appropriate toileting behaviour with help from a locally-made toilet.