Building a network of NDD-Master trainers.


Building the capacity of senior Community Based Rehabilitation workers, physical therapists, or occupational therapists in the handling of children with Neuro Developmental Disability (NDD) is found to be very crucial. The proposed project is designed to enhance the skills of these professionals in NDD by providing focused and practical training on NDD with specific emphasis on their role in supporting and coaching parents and/or caregivers.

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Building a network of NDD-Master trainers

The master training in Gondar (October 2021 by CPA) is having 3 objectives with a specific one directed at the situation in Gondar.   

Objective 1: To build the capacity of maximum 20 rehabilitation professionals from a number of African countries and bridge the competency gap in the area of NDD management by the end of year 2021.   

Objective 2: To improve the living condition of 80 children with NDD in Gondar Zuria district through deploying better planning and management of NDD by September 2022.

Objective 3: To have a robust proposal focusing on the establishment of a local supply of the most essential assistive devices to be submitted to potential donor agencies.

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