How can you support the work we do?

Like all charities, Cerebral Palsy Africa relies on donations to be able to carry out its projects. Those donations can be cash or they can be the donation of time and expertise from volunteers who are willing to travel to Africa to provide training courses for those working with children with cerebral palsy.

If you are able to make a contribution:

Name of Bank: RABO
Address: Croeselaan 18, 3521CB Utrecht

IBAN: NL39RABO 0354072439

Name of organisation: St Stichting Cerebral Palsy Africa
Address organisation: A. van Leeuwenhoekweg 38 A 16; 2408AN Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands

We’re inviting volunteer trainers to apply for short (1-2 weeks) training missions abroad. Qualifications needed are:

  • at least 2 years experience of working as a (preferably pediatric) physiotherapist, occupational therapist or speech therapist with children with cerebral palsy;
  • work experience as trainers in a community based rehabilitation setting in low- or middle income countries.