Cerebral Palsy Africa is a Dutch Charitable Incorporated Organisation working in countries throughout Africa to improve the lives of children with cerebral palsy.

CPA works with all who strive to enable children with cerebral palsy to reach their potential. The aim is to allow children with cerebral palsy to be integrated into their communities and have access to education. We do this through raising awareness of the benefits of therapy and through conducting training programmes for community workers, teachers, parents and therapists, to give them the knowledge and skills to be able to help the children function better in their everyday lives.

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Years of experience
Founded in 2005
Currently active in 3 countries

This website is under development. CPA is currently in the middle of a process of professionalization which is expected to be completed in the second half of 2023.

Still up to date are the following items:

Annual report CPA 2022

Cerebral Palsy Africa Strategic Plan 2021-2022  

Annual Report 2020 & Annual Report 2021

Useful information and links for professionals

Useful websites for professional

Link to the Dutch Cerebral Palsy Africa flyer: Folder A5 CPA_DEF Pagina’s

Latest update website: 21-04-2023

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