Salvation Army poised to lead in CP Care and Management Ghana

By Hannah Awadzi,

The Salvation Army Healthcare system in Ghana is positioning itself to serve as a model in terms of Cerebral Palsy Care and Management.

The organization, with the support of Cerebral Palsy Africa, a Netherlands based non governmental organization is therefore developing a manual to serve as a training guide for health professionals on how to handle children with cerebral palsy in health facilities. 

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NDD Executive summary.

The first training for Africa Masters in Neurodevelopmental Disability was hosted by The Salvation Army Ghana and Togo Territory in partnership with the University of Education, Winneba, with support from Cerebral Palsy Africa. Participants are from Ghana, Uganda, Ethiopia, DR Congo and two additional facilitators from Netherlands, CPA-Africa.

To read the report on this training click here for part 1: EDITED EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1  and here for part 2: EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 2


The well-being of parents of children with cerebral palsy.

Managing Neurodevelopment Disabilities – The Parent centered Approach. Akosua (not the ream name) shared her experience of nurturing a child with cerebral palsy at a support group meeting.

Religion and disability.

Mrs. Hannah Awadzi is Executive Director of the Special Mothers Project in Ghana. Mrs Awadzi shares her stories on our website. To read her latest blog about Religion and disability click here: Religion and disability.

No Option but to Kill...

Mrs. Hannah Awadzi is Executive Director of the Special Mothers Project in Ghana. Mrs Awadzi will share her stories on our website. To read her first contribution click here: No Option but to kill

Comment CPA on this touching story:

The story is horrible and tragic, but sadly enough not exceptional: mercy killing is an issue that can’t be ignored.

The effects for children with (severe) NDD in CBR programs are often still too low with high costs.

There is a need to improve services for children with (severe) NDD, through better skills for CBR workers and a better, more functional approach.

CPA aims to facilitate such a better approach which at least stops useless and too often torturing (unnecessary passive stretching) therapy, with costly non-functional devices, useless medicines and fake prayers, Caused by both lack of knowledge but also sometimes a deliberate moneymaking attitude: taking advantage of desperate parents who only want the best for their child.

All such components frustrates and disappoints parents, caused by unrealistic (sometimes even deliberately false) expectations, and leads to more poverty, with despair leading to tragedies as described in this story from Ghana.

Fortunately more and more CBR programs start realizing results for children with (severe) NDD needs to be improved, for which they need to change their routine-approach. CPA aims, through training and practical tools, to contribute to a more functional approach, with realistic goal setting, operating within a CBR strategy and with a key role for parents (mothers) in improving quality of life and in creating support (day care) structures.

A New Study Reveals that Children with Cerebral Palsy have 25 Times Higher Risk Of Premature Death

The results of this study are the first of its kind to reveal the treu extent of the hidden humanitarian crisis of excessive mortality in the CP child population

The Time is Now

Made by Purple Field Productions in association with CPA, “The Time is Now” is a moving film that explores the benefits which can be derived from physiotherapy for children with cerebral palsy, and which opens our eyes to the desperate need for an increase in these services within Ghana.


From Kenya comes the latest drama produced by Purple Field Productions using local people and knowledge surrounding the difficult issue of the stigma attached to disability – in this case cerebral palsy.