Our work in Ghana

In Ghana many families have children with cerebral palsy but there are very limited opportunities for treatment.

Working visit Ghana June 05-12-2021

In 2018, the Scottish CPA started a program on inclusive education for children with CP, which was funded by DFID, in collaboration with Multi Kids Inclusive School as the implementing partner. After the transition from CPA Scotland, CPA NL was requested to organize a final Master-training (ToT) for Multi Kids staff, mainly SPEd teachers (special education teachers) and para medics. 

Because of Covid 19, the outreach component of the program (to promote IE for children with CP in 19 regular schools throughout the country) could hardly be implemented, because M&E visits were not possible. Since traveling from Europe was also restricted until recently, as a compensation several WhatsApp training sessions were organized in the first half of 2021. Our visit was the first since the (last and only) training visit in 2019 organized by the Scottish CPA : a) on production of APT seats for the SPEd Teachers and b) on sharing knowledge about CPA, aiming to improve skills for therapeutic/ ADL interventions by the SPEd teachers). The objectives of our visit were related to the indicators of the result framework.

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