Training courses

CPA can provide different training depending on the need.

  • Course for CBR workers covering handling and management of children with CP.  Participants must already be working in CBR programmes. They are selected by their managers. 
  • Course for Special Needs teachers in handling and management of children with CP in the classroom 
    Participants must already be working with children with special needs. They are selected by their managers 
  • Course in equipment making from low cost materials: learning to create and adapt furniture and other assistive devices for children with CP from low cost materials, like wood, bamboo or cardboard. These courses are also offered to parents and communities.    
  • Course for Therapists covering the assessment and treatment of children with CP. Participants are those who are already working with children with CP. Therapists must be able to ensure that they will be continuing in this work. 

All courses integrate theoretical and practical learning in a logical sequence to make it easy for participants to retain and own the knowledge and skills.